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Cured - in - Place - Pipe Lining

What is Cured - in - Place - Pipe Lining?

Cured in place pipe lining (CIPP) is a method used to repair existing pipe lines. The CIPP process includes inserting a resin saturated flexible liner inside an existing pipe, which hardens after being exposed to heat or ultraviolet light. The liner forms a smooth surface inside pipe, restoring it to near - new condition.

How does this impact residents?

Residents are asked to limit water and sewer usage during process. Notices are distributed a week in advance of start date. These actions are important because private property connections to the public sewer will be temporarily sealed off during the pipe lining process. Using less water is necessary to prevent water from filling up a private sewer line and backing up into a home during pipe lining installation. 

Residents may smell unpleasant odors similar to glue or plastic. This will clear quickly once the process is complete. The odor is from chemicals in the liner resin. The amounts detected are below health risk levels. For more information, please view links below.



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