Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mailing address for payments?                         

   Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority
   P. O. BOX 40114
  Newark, NJ 07101-4001

What are the office hours of operation?

Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 4:30 AM


Can I pay my bill on the internet?

Yes, you can pay your bill using the Suez link.


Who should be called to shut off the water in a private home or business?

Please contact a plumber. The JCMUA is not allowed to enter your home or business to shut off your water access.


Am I responsible for my water and sewer service lines?

The owner of the property, is  required to maintain in perfect order at his or her own expense said service pipe (water or sewer) from the main in the street to his or her premises, including all fixtures required for supplying water and discharging sewer.


What can I flush?

Sewage lines are designed for waste water, toilet tissue and bodily fluids ONLY.


The following is a list of what you should not flush:

Wipes, feminine hygiene products, Diapers, paper towels, facial tissue, cotton balls, grease, cat litter, condoms, medication, cigarette butts, bandages, food or hair.


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