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Solid Waste

Transition of Solid Waste Services to JCMUA

As you may be aware, the City of Jersey City (the “City”) has historically provided solid waste services to the residents and businesses of the City through a vendor retained by the City pursuant to a public procurement.  In August 2020, the City awarded a new contract for solid waste services to Regional Industries, LLC. In January 2021 the JCMUA accepted the assignment of the Solid Waste Contract.  Pursuant to the assignment of the Solid Waste Contract, the JCMUA will now bill residents and businesses directly for solid waste pick up, similar to the way that water and sewer services are billed.

Please note: We recommend reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document that are posted below and at as a first resource to answer your questions related to this transition of services. If you still have questions after reviewing this document, please direct all service related inquiries for garbage and/or recycling collection to the Jersey City Department of Public Works (JCDPW) at (201) 547-4400. Please direct billing inquiries to Suez Customer Service at (800) 575-4433.

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