The JCMUA in partnership with the Department of Public Works of Jersey City have revamped the "Adopt a Catch Basin" program for the City of Jersey City.  

Although, catch basins are designed to collect storm water, debris and litter can also enter the sewer system through the drains. Cleaning catch basins on a consistent basis can prevent litter from discharging into the sewer system. If not removed, debris can end up in our streams and rivers.


Caring for a Catch Basin

  • Sweep trash from top of basin and dispose in nearest garbage receptacle.
  • Clear drain after heavy rainfall and snowfall.
  • If you think your catch basin is full or not draining properly please contact us at (201) 432 -1150 for a deep cleaning.
  • Post pictures of your catch basin on social media using hashtag #adoptacatchbasin.

currently adopted catch basins in Jersey City

Interested in adopting? 

Pledge to keep your catch basin clean by filling out the form below.

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Are you a local artist interested in painting a catch basin? Please contact us at (201) 432 - 1150 or fill out the form above and write "artist" in message box.